About the firm

+arch Diana Ibrahim is a multidisciplinary design, architecture and interior design consulting firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. It has developed projects locally and abroad of varying types and scales and worked with a variety of organizations and individuals seeking state of the art solutions for their projects. Residential projects have incorporated architecture, landscape, interior design. Commercial projects have included office spaces, retail, hospitality, restaurants, theaters, and exhibition spaces.

+arch’s design strategy focuses on exploration and innovation through rigorous experimental processes. The firm approaches each of its projects as an individual enterprise. Our team operates as a cohesive body to provide the successful development of a project, from conception to completion. We also engage our clients as important players in the development of the project; the interchange of information and ideas provides an enhanced forum for innovation and exploration.

Diana Ibrahim Architect

About Diana Ibrahim

Diana Ibrahim is the founder of +arch, a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm that she established in Lebanon in 1999. Her work is focused on residential projects, ranging from interior concepts for urban apartments, to the architecture of villas as well as full renovations for large scale estates.

She consulted on a wide range of projects including hospitality, commercial and retail projects in Lebanon France, London, Abu Dhabi and the United states. She is known for her cutting edge designs and signature style that continues to challenge existing and preconceived trends. Her firm’s projects were published in Mediterranean housing, a book by Links publishing; Barcelona, Spain.

Diana was also a visiting professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB), School of Architecture, and at the Lebanese American University (LAU), department of liberal Arts.

Diana has a bachelor degree in Building Science and a bachelor degree in Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), NY. Prior to establishing her firm in Lebanon, she was a senior architect at Eisenman architects in NYC (1994 -1998), and was credited as project Architect on major projects published in EL-croquis 83, GA document 51, Eisenman’s Diagram diaries and cities of Artificial excavations, Rizzoli . She also worked at Gabellini and Shepard in NYC (1998 -99), a firm with international acclaim for its excellence in retail design. Credits in “Architecture of the Interior” Rizzoli publishing house.