Absolute Fruit

Built Area: 233 m²
Status: Executed
Location: Oceana - Damour, Lebanon
Category: Commercial / Architecture

Absolute fruit is a Juice bar that offers exotic cocktails; it belongs to a larger scheme, the Oceana resort only 15 kilometers away from the city. The project covers an area of 30,000 m2, it is stretched along a 310m long boardwalk overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, along which there’s a string of pools, cafes, and restaurants, offering a combined front development using ecologically friendly materials for its construction.

Absolute fruit is situated in the center of the stretch, 30m away from the sea shore. Crucial to the initial planning of the bar/lounge was that the theme be understood through every interpretive tool and the structure was to reflect the concept of the juice bar. It is built out of wood the most natural of all materials and its form is inspired by that of a fruit crate. The side elevations open up taking a horizontal position creating a shaded area on the terrace and allowing an unobstructed view to the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean. The seats that resemble sliced oranges float like bubbles above the grass surface, creating an informal laid back zone. The structure has an open ceiling, allowing bands of fabric to diagonally cross one another and cover its central area, bringing shade and some well needed cool to the intense heat of the day, at night its costumers can enjoy the breathtaking sunset moments adorning our Mediterranean sea.