Built Area: 100 m²
Status: Executed
Location: Gemmayze – Beirut, Lebanon
Category: Commercial / Interior

Coquelicot is a French neo-bistro situated in Gemmayze, an area that has become in the past few years, one of the main arteries of the Lebanese nightlife. Its space is divided into two 6m high barrel vaulted ceiling built of stone that was restored to its original form. The cellar-like walls remind us of the traditional brasseries in the south of France It combines a bar, a lounge and a restaurant covering a total area of 100m2. Once inside it unveils and reveals a mystical, seductive aura expressed through a careful mix of elements, textures, colors and symbols. The design reflects the 'neo-bistro' trend, combining, convivial seating style with a mix of traditional and urban features. The green chalkboard wall invites costumers to engage in creating a dynamic, urban Grafitti wall. In the adjacent room a more sophisticated feature is established through a grid of abat-jours against a stone wall. On the opposite side the wall is cladded with seemingly broken mirror pieces concealing the kitchen door and contrasting with the existing stone walls in its smooth sharp and contemporary feel. The fabric used for furniture has a vintage feel, ‘some are covered by freehand French typography, maps of Parisian roads, old postcards and stamps, in a patchwork of colors and textures. Despite the simplicity of the decor, every item is carefully selected and thoughtfully placed.  The existent vaulted high ceiling gives the bistro an added dimension while the lighting plays another important role in the overall feel of the space. The front façade is made up of two large bay window with walnut trimmings, covered by red awnings typically used in French bistros, with two draped curtains partially covering the glass windows.  The overall effect calls to our attention a certain nostalgia to the typical bistro, yet introduces us to a new genre that has evolved enormously over the past few years: the neo-bistro or a sort of mix of bistro and gastronomy, which can be seen as a modern-day take on traditional French favorites with all of the charm of a classic bistro.