Eclectic Cool

Built Area: 525 m²
Status: Executed
Location: Verdun - Beirut, Lebanon
Category: Residential / Interior

The project is built on principles of coherence in form and content but constantly looking to create defining moments, take risks and create surprises across living space arrangements. Ambivalent effects, in turn dramatic, nostalgic or whimsical result from mixture of genres and cultures, flirting together. The integration of traditional objects, musharabiah-inspired forms, vernacular fabrics and patterns, and unexpected bespoke pieces produce a meshing of cultures, times and styles. At the architectural level the project underwent a major transformation allowing exposure and providing an additional access to the outdoor. It happened as one of the bedrooms was converted into a play room and lounge, its window giving out to the garden was changed into a larger glass door that opens to the garden, and the wall partition separating it from the kitchen was broken down, creating a ring circulation throughout the 600sqm flat, and providing an additional access to the kitchen from the bedrooms through the family room and into the garden. Working with a voluminous open plan space comprising the reception lounge and the dining room the space evolves maintaining an on-going dialogue.

The reception area has two seating groups connected by a double back to back sofa perfectly adapted for the space. Pieces of particular interest includes the bespoke inlaid mother of pearl traditional diwan bench positioned in front of the glazed window façade with view of the sea, the composition of water color paintings, and formation of Pouf and Derbakeh (two models of tinted brass stumpy stools  tables by Lebanese furniture designer Karen Chekerdjian). A gleaming velvet mohair Baker sofa, and a striking painting by Chinese artist xxx add a vulnerable placidity to the ensemble and accentuates the lavishly upholstered wingback chairs by tom Dixon. A low bar that can also act as a seating or dining area was custom designed inconspicuously into the space. Rising with the same floor marble, its geometric shape encompasses a modern Arabic pop art caligraphy.  The dining room table top, an old arabesque antique door refurbished into a white lacquered finish, with the chairs also repainted and reupholstered in white, they render a breezy ethereal gesture to the space. The breathtaking Hudson Chandelier hovers above as a prized jewel.  Designed by Turkish founder Barlas Baylar it gathers hundreds of suspended nickel chain strands made into voluptuous forms adding glamour and drama.