Nada G

Built Area: 25 m²
Status: Executed
Location: Beirut souks – Down Town, Lebanon
Category: Commercial / Interior

Nada G is a luxury jewelry brand known for its intricately crafted designs with a touch of antiquity; its new boutique located in the gold souks of Beirut Central District covers an area of 25m2, ceilings are 4m high with two large adjacent windows to the pedestrian road.

Gifts of jewelry mark every important occasion of our lives as such our design aimed to offer customers a memorable experience by introducing of a central display element carefully designed to act as an installation. An assemblage of cubical volumes rising from the ground and dropping from the ceiling creating an armature for viewing. All walls are used as a backdrops for display one is cladded with velvety fabric, the other is covered with seamless black resin pierced by display niches trimmed with gold frames creating a luxury feel to the ensemble.

The front window is a full height glass facade behind which four black showcases are suspended from the ceiling, allowing visibility to the inside. Unlike traditional jewelry boutiques that create a barrier between the outside viewer and the interior space. NG’s boutique allows window shoppers to share a part of the experience.