Built Area: 600 m²
Status: Executed
Location: Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Category: Commercial / Interior

Sabic is the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. It established its offices in Lebanon in Beirut Central district, Berytus Bldg. with an area of 600m2.

The main challenge with the design was to maximize the capacity of employees to receive costumers without having to procure a high number of private offices. As such a lounge area was created as a solution that will allow sales representatives to meet with their clientele within the establishment, offering the same experience as inviting them out. Adjacent to the lounge is a kitchen area and cafeteria that prepares food and beverage to offer during meetings. It also allows employees to dine within the establishment saving them time from having to leave the premises for their daily meals. The lounge area is separated from an open office space by means of a glass partition allowing the flow of natural light. The private offices are located on the opposite side of the front desk and reception space. An 8m long wall conceals the executive’s offices, displaying images of Sabic’s products, projects and activities in different plants, allowing the space to be experienced as an exhibition hall. The reception/waiting area in turn reinforces the idea of exhibition mainly by a world map behind the front desk showing the locations of Sabic representational offices worldwide and on the opposite wall features bold typography ”Inspire, deliver, create and engage” expressing the leading qualities of their brand. Sabic’s office space thus unites office, meeting place and brand marketing.